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To say I am pleased with my new cosmetic lava crowns would definitely be an understatement.  I have had and continue to receive many compliments from people who have known me over the years and remember my perpetually brownish-colored tetracycline stained smile.  Rather that say much more I will let a couple of photos do the talking.

The first photo is the "before shot" showing me and my daughter Tori on a tandem skydive at Bay Area Skydiving above Byron, California.  

<<<<<<<<This photo was taken May 28, 2005.




Second photo was taken on January 9, 2009. 

That's me with "Flat Stanley" who was visiting me in Byron, CA that day.

So, to all of you there at San Ramon Family Dentistry---thank you-thank you-thank you!!! 










 I've been self concious of my smile all of my life.....not any more!

Thank you Dr. Hench & your wonderful staff!    You guys are THE BEST!!

                        Sincerely,    Tony  



Wonderful results ! 



Our long time patient was found to have a front lateral incisor that showed signs of internal resorption over a period of years. (The tooth begins to enlarge and weakens the tooth, rendering the tooth unsaveable.)

After consultation with the Implantologist, the patient decided to have a dental implant placed. This choice was made instead of having traditional bridge work placed that is more destructive to adjacent teeth. The treatment involved removal of tooth and use a provisional (removable) tooth during the treatment process of 7 months.

In the interest achieving optimal esthetics, I chose to use a zirconia abutment (false tooth) and porcelain fused to zirconia crown. Both the patient and I are very pleased with the result.